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“...for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” Isaiah 56:6b

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During the month of October we invite you to be a part of our exploration of hospitality. Faith communities have long valued the opening of hearts and minds and doors to the gifts we bring to one another. Given the divisiveness in attitudes and behaviors in our world today, there is no better time to focus on ways to welcome friend and stranger alike.

Understanding who we are as a people, learning the distinctiveness of others, and the creation of pathways to acceptance of ourselves and others is of vital importance.

The church has much to offer the community, but the church needs to hear the voices of those beyond our limited experience.

Join us as we look at ourselves, look at one another, and look for a future where we are open and welcoming and hospitable to all.

Following are the focus topics for October.

  • Sunday, October 6 - The history of Trinity Episcopal Church Solebury, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion - Presented by The Rev. Richard Vinson

  • Sunday, October 13 - How to extend hospitality out to our community - Presented by members of the BucksMont Interfaith Group

  • Sunday, October 20 - Practical applications of welcoming a community - Presented by The Rev. Richard Vinson

  • Sunday, October 27 - The theological and biblical basis on what it means to welcome and express hospitality - Presented by The Rev. Virginia Shea