What is a Vestry?

The vestry "shall be agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the parish to its clergy". (Canon 14 - Vital Practices - Episcopal Church Foundation)

In the Episcopal Church: a committee elected by members of a congregation to serve with the churchwardens in managing the temporal (functional, operational and material) affairs of the church (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Our Vestry

Entire Vestry, Wardens, Treasurer and Rector: vestry@trinitysolebury.org

Rev. Rick Vinson - rvinson@trinitysolebury.org

Whitney Chandor - Warden - wchandor@trinitysolebury.org
Doug Brindley - Warden - dbrindley@trinitysolebury.org
Gary Wilmore - Warden for Finance & Operations - gwilmore@trinitysolebury.org
Dick Dafrico - Assistant Treasurer - ddafrico@trinitysolebury.org

Christine Angulo - cangulo@trinitysolebury.org
Priscilla Forbus - pforbus@trinitysolebury.org
Pat Houston - phouston@trinitysolebury.org
Lisa James Otto - ljotto@trinitysolebury.org
Julie Loftus - jloftus@trinitysolebury.org
Nick Mumford - nmumford@trinitysolebury.org
John Schuster - jschuster@trinitysolebury.org
Barbara Tortorello - btortorello@trinitysolebury.org

Vestry Assignments

Stewardship of Resources (Gary, Julie, Nick)

Property, Finance, Day School
People (participants, leaders, ministers, workers, disciples, stewards)

Community Engagement (Lisa, Priscilla, Pat)

Mission & Outreach
Partnership (with churches, organizations, etc.)
Invitation (evangelism, join us)

Spiritual Formation (Christine, Barbara, John)

Christian Education & Formation
Pastoral Care, Newcomers, Worship & Music
Hospitality & Fellowship