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Special Events

A Night to Remember - Mar 29

Christian Education -Yoga and Forms of Meditation (cha) - Mar 30

Mindfulness Training - Mar 31


Christian Education -Icons and Prayer with Whitney Chandor (cha) - Apr 06

La Fiocco Concert - Apr 06

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If you want to be a part of any of the Special Events listed here, please contact Church Office or the specific leader noted with each event.

Christian Education For All Ages

Child Care will be provided for those who desire it. However, those needing Child Care must contact the Church office prior to the Sunday of the given week in order for the service to be available.

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Special Events

Mar 29 5:00 PM A Night to Remember
An Evening to Remember featuring Linda Kenyon portraying Babe Didrickson. Please join us for a 50's country club themed event. Dig out your old cookbooks and please bring a side dish or dessert to share as well as your favorite beverage. The church will provide the main dishes.
Mar 30 9:00 AM Christian Education -Yoga and Forms of Meditation (cha)

Ardith Talbott and Jeff Harrison share today's presentation.  Ardith will discuss yoga and Jeff will discus mindfulness meditation.

Yoga evokes images of contorted bodies and mysterious chants.   We hear that people love how they feel spiritually and mentally after a yoga session, but frankly fear (of the unknown?) is often a barrier to practice.  In this session we will begin to demystify yoga, and discuss how yoga enriches our spirit and deepens our relationship to God….regardless of our physical limitations. 

Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully attending to our lives and the world around us in the present moment in a non-judgmental way.  It is the practice of falling fully awake in our everyday lives. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us examine our current concepts and beliefs with our current perceptions.  Mindfulness meditation is the formal contemplitive practice for developing this way of life.  While mindfulness meditation is most commonly associated with Buddhism, it has application for almost all forms of spiritual growth. 

Mar 31 7:00 PM Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Meditation is modeled on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction clinic at the University of Mass. Medical Center,because this is an excellent model for teaching meditation. However, this particular series of groups is designed to be used as a spirtual pratice, not a psychological or medical treatment. Mindfulness Meditation program does not constitute a psychological treatment, and our relationship is not defined as a doctor-patient relationship. The program will run for nine sessions. Eight of the sessions are 120 min. long, and one session is 6 hrs. long for a total of 22 hours. Group sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 7-9 p.m., with the exception of the six-hour session that will be held on a Saturday. Missing any session is highly discouraged since new material will be presented at each group meeting. Furthermore, it is important for the continuity of the group that you attend all the sessions, if at all possible. Finally it is imperative that you not miss out on the long session. It is important to approach the program with an open mind and avoid the inclination to compare what you will be learning with other techiques or practices you have experineced. Simply let the experience be what it is. The program is difficult and requires a great deal of effort for some people. Participants should expect to spend about one hour heach day on homework (practicing meditation, yoga etc.) during the length of the course. In retrun the program hold great potential for lifestyles transformation. Feel free to contact Jeff Harrison at

Apr 6 9:00 AM Christian Education -Icons and Prayer with Whitney Chandor (cha)
Byzantine icons capture the richness of the mystical life of Eastern Christianity. After many centuries of isolation, western Cristians are slowly finding their way back to the wellsprings of Christianity on the East. They are drawn to Byzantine icons, even though they may find them strange. Knowing that they are on unfamiliar soil, they wonder what the correct approach to an icon might be, ".  I will be bringing part of my collection of Russian icons which my Great Aunt collected in Paris in about 1918 . Inez Bring and I will be sharing and explaining how the Eastern church treasures these wonder images
Apr 6 3:00 PM La Fiocco Concert
La Fiocco - Sunday, April 6th 3:00 p.m. Italian and English Delights c. 1690-1730 Exquisite secular cantatas for countertenor, concertos for recorder and strings, and trio sonatas of the mid and late Baroque. $25 general audience, $20 seniors, $10 students. Joseph Hill, countertenor Lewis R. Baratz, recorder &harpsichord Jonathan Goya& Claire Smith Bermingham, baroque violins Lynn Fergusson, baroque cello Benjamin T. Berman, harpsichord Laudon Scheutt, theorbo

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