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Mission Philadelphia - Jun 20 - Jun 27


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If you want to be a part of any of the Special Events listed here, please contact Church Office or the specific leader noted with each event.

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Child Care will be provided for those who desire it. However, those needing Child Care must contact the Church office prior to the Sunday of the given week in order for the service to be available.

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Special Events

Jun 20 - June 27 Mission Philadelphia
"What you receive as gift, give as gift...." Matthew 10:8

Trinity Youth Group celebrates its twelfth year of "Mission Philadelphia", a week-long, residential program of exciting, diverse service projects in the city of Philadelphia. Each time, the group benefits from seven days of transformative experiences through hard physical labor and the creation of relationships with those facing challenges in their communities. Trinity Youth Group has grown immensely through these experiences and is eager to share with others again this year. Trinity Youth Group takes pride in upholding the church's mission statement: "to serve the world with an active commitment to reach out to those in need both near and far, and to provide leadership in service to others."

Mission Philadelphia Philosophy

We plan "Mission Philadelphia" guided by the following: Rationale-to honor our sense of moral responsibility and be obedient to our baptismal vows. Objective-to identify outreach projects which will allow for ongoing relationships and a deep commitment to make a difference in the world and in lives of young people. Strategy-to immerse Trinity Youth Group Members, ages 12-18 in a week of diverse, physically challenging service work in the city of Philadelphia. Evaluation-an annual review and assessment of the results and benefits of this week-long project and the ongoing activities with the same organizations.

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