All young people grades 6 through 12 are invited to become part of Trinity's youth group, know as TYG. Newcomers are always welcome, and our youth are urged to "Bring a Friend." Parents and other adults are encouraged to become involved in this rewarding ministry.

Trinity Youth Group Nights - are every Wednesday evening from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Family Dinner Night is on the second Wednesday of each month. Each family is asked to pick a Wednesday, and they are to provide dinner for the youth and families. A team of three families conducts this bountiful event. These Wednesday evening youth nights offer a great way for members, from several school systems to connect mid-week.

Activities - include two annual weekend retreats, swim parties, ski trips, and many other fun events! Trinity Youth also lend a helping hand to people in need through several different outreach programs.

Mission Philadelphia - is a culmination of TYG's annual outreach. This occurs as a weeklong project in June. The youth reside in Philadelphia and spend a week partnering with residents in challenged communities on a wide range of projects.

Spiritual Development - Each Wednesday evening includes a time for group prayer and smaller group reflection, allowing our young people to explore their relationships with God in an open and non-threatening environment. On the third Sunday of each month, a service of Holy Eucharist takes place at 9:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall. The worship is completely planned and led by our young people. These and other opportunities for worship, Christian music, weekend retreats, and conversations about their walk with Christ allow for their experience of God to find expression and support within the community of faith.

Service - Trinity's young people have relationships with institutions locally and internationally. Help could be at a homeless shelter, the Food Pantry in Lambertville, a dental clinic and school in Kenya, or building a memorial garden in West Philadelphia. Our young people are exposed to a broad spectrum of outreach. They are invited to respond and experience the benefits of a caring and committed Christian life.

Lobsterfest - Our annual Lobsterfest has grown into a community event drawing nearly 1,000 people to Trinity's campus. This dinner of fresh Maine lobsters, corn, clam chowder, and coleslaw is a true festival and celebration of our young people with the addition of live bands, fun activities for young children and silent auction items that fill tents full. The funds raised at this activity help to offset the cost of our outreach project, Mission Philadelphia.

Trinity Youth Group Online - You can keep up with all Trinity Youth Group activities on facebook - please click here

Trinity Youth Group Band - Trinity Youth Band provides music at almost all TYG events. They also lead the Trinity community in music on Youth Eucharist Sundays.